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Oil Water Separators for Oil and Gas Production

Oil Water Separators for Oil and Gas Production

The traditional method of using gravity separation in large API tanks has many drawbacks. The strict effluent requirements and constant patrolling of major refineries and tank farms makes Mercer International's Compliance Master™ oil/water/solids separator design the preferred choice over conventional API designs. Mercer International's separators are also the superior choice when compared to alternative coalescing separators using cheaply constructed plastic corrugated media.  

Due to the high likelihood of heavy solids being encountered in the Oil & Gas production process and produced waters, Mercer's solids removal system is an ideal solution (as opposed to traditional coalescers that more often act like filters--merely trapping solids rather than processing them). Because our Multi-Pack™ system is a unique field-adjustable coalescer, many engineers have embraced our design to adapt to varying effluent efficiency needs and changing maintenance requirements.

Since the Oil & Gas production process has high solids loading, Mercer's "solids-friendly" design features are the ideal solution.  The coalescer has steep (55 degree), flat plates that have no nooks or crannies for solids to accumulate.  Our Multi-Pack™ has built-in Chimney-Zone quiescent areas for removing solids.  The plate gaps are field adjustable to meet any solids loading or field condition.  Mercer offers a full-length, high capacity "V-bottom" sludge chamber that that runs the full length of the separator (not just under the coalescer). Units also come standard with multiple solids ports for optimal sludge removal.  Because the Multi-Pack coalescer is the only field-adjustable model available, many engineers have specified the design since it can easily adapt to varying effluent efficiency needs or maintenance requirements. Mercer also supplies automated PLC-based solids removal systems for customized sludge removal.

Common Installations Include:

  • Oil Terminals
  • Tank Farms
  • Petro-chemical plants
  • Gas stations
  • Refineries 

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