Oil Water Separators

oily water separator
above ground oil and water separator

Above Ground Oil Water Separators

Mercer International Inc. offers an extensive line of above ground oil water separators that bring you both high efficiency and low maintenance--plus the versatility to field customize to suit your particular application.  Our extraordinary design achieves extraordinary results.  The Compliance Master™ design features the Multi-Pack™ coalescer that allows field adjustment to obtain the highest possible efficiency with the lowest practical maintenance frequency. Read more »

below ground oil and water separator

Below Ground Oil Water Separators

Mercer supplies a line of high-performance, cylindrical below-ground oil/water separators from 50-5,000 gpm (10-1,000 m3/h). Separators are available in carbon steel (single and double wall) with a variety of coatings, including FRP and sti-P3 coatings.  Mercer also offers a line of competitive below ground plastic units that are an ideal solution for blanket fleet installations, small washbay needs, and anywhere competitive pricing is a concern. Read more »

custom made oil water separators

Custom Oil Water Separators

The process begins by listening to the client. Even the smallest components or accessories sometimes need to be adjusted based on the requirements of the project.  However, far beyond the small stuff, Mercer has dedicated itself to solving difficult design and fabrication issues. These special situations often have Mercer exploring solutions that include the changing of existing process designs, various choices of materials of construction, creating turnkey systems, and field issues such as designing field-assembled units for areas that are difficult to access. Read more »

replacement oil water separators

Existing System Retrofits

Mercer International has a knack for providing cost-efficient solutions for existing "under performing" separators or units that fail prematurely due to fouling from solids.  If the client's separator tank is in good condition, Mercer can custom design a solution to replace the internal coalescers and components with our high-performance coalescers.  

Mercer excels at replacing poorly-designed coalescers of various brands of existing oil water separators, with custom-fit Multi-Pack coalescers and baffles to improve the design, offering higher efficiencies with less maintenance requirements. This is often times a cost-effective alternative to purchasing a brand new unit. 

Existing concrete API units can be easily outfitted with the Multipack coalescer and accessories, as well. Mercer's field-adjustable coalescers and components and accessories help make an antiquated API separator ready to operate efficiently well into the 21st century.Read more »

rental oil and water separator

Rental Oil Water Separators

For projects that require a quick turn around, Mercer has a fleet of rental units on standby and can ship it for use while the newly purchased separator is in production.  We have units available from 10-400 gpm.  We also offer the rental units for a temporary need such as when a client's existing separator system is off line for refurbishing.   Our rental equipment is also often used as pilot equipment to test the effluent performance of difficult applications. Read more »

oil skimmers

Oil Skimmers

Mercer International incorporates top of the line oil skimmers to properly retrieve the excess oil that accumulates at the top of the separator, allowing each unit to function to its fullest potential.

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