describe the image Mobile Oil Water Separators

Problems We Solve:

There are several applications where the need for a mobile oil water separation system becomes important. Common applications include when various process and storage tanks are in need of cleaning in the refining industry, or when there is a spill response effort in a tank, sump, or other area with water that needs immediate mobilization. In these cases there is water being used to clean or flush out a vessel or area, and the resulting wastewater needs to go through a separation process before it can be hauled away. The flexibility of being able to move a treatment system from location to location in an industrial facility is very useful. We have been able to save industry a great deal of money by taking care of the clean-up or treatment need quickly, instead of having to ship the contaminated wastewater to a third party facility. In some instances these facilities are hundreds of miles away and across state lines.

These mobile oil water separators have also become quite popular with many of the environmental consulting groups that specialize in groundwater remediation services. They also have been very effective at treating manhole wastewater for the Electric Utility industry. However the fracking industry, utilizing unconventional methods of exploration and production, are the leading purchasers of mobile solutions that include the Mercer Multi-Pack™ coalescer system. The ability to move piloting units to new wells, coupled with the versatility of being able to adjust plates in the face of varying fluid characteristics, makes the Mercer Compliance Master™ the leader across multiple shale plays worldwide.