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Spill Control and Alert Components:

Emergency Oil Stop Valves

Level Switches and Transmitters

Spill Alarms

Custom PLC/HMI Panels

Adjustable Outlet Weirs

Solids/Sludge Alarms


Protection Against the Elements:

Electric Immersion Heaters

Insulation Options

Protective Insulation Sheathing


Solids Treatment:

Automated Solids Removal Valves

Sludge Pumping and Storage systems

Solids/Sludge Level Probes


Oil Storage/Removal:

Gravity and Automatic Oil Skimmers

Oil-holding compartments



Stairs and landings

Non-slip Aluminum Diamond Tread Covers

Quick Release Hardware for Covers


Each of the above accessories is designed with ease of maintenance and dependability in mind. The accessories are typically a premium product within that specific accessory’s field.


For instance, Mercer’s standard heater element is a low-watt density (below 30 watts per square inch) system, each element has its own self-regulating thermostat setting. The elements have Incoloy™ sheathing for longer life. We typically supply Watlow heaters, recognized as a leader in quality heater equipment in the wastewater industry. A second example is the automatic oil skimming equipment that we supply as an option. Though the Oil Skimmer, Inc. “smooth tube” skimmer is more expensive than other types that are available, they are recognized as the leader in the oil skimming industry. Like the Watlow heaters, the oil skimmer may bemore expensive than other brands, but the benefits of using this skimmer outweighs the one-time capital cost savings and will pay dividends as the life-cycle costs are put in consideration. The “smooth tube” skimmer is ideally suited for skimming oils containing floating solids and oily sludge. It is able to skim a larger area more efficiently and its rugged design fits our concept of supplying industrial-duty components. We have found that more than half of the electric utility applications require an automatic-type skimmer in lieu of the traditional skim pipe due to high solids in the wastewater. This is true of all industries where the floating oils contain solids and oily sludge. Therefore a superior oil skimmer may be of particular importance to the end user.


Other Designs: Since most separator manufacturers sell on price rather than on features and benefits, most separator manufacturers supply accessories that fit their corporate philosophy

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