describe the imageBelow Ground Steel Oil Water Separators  

Mercer Supplies a full line of cylindrical below-ground, high-performance, steel oil/water separators ranging from 50-5,000 gpm (10-1,000 m3/h) for stormwater and wastewater applications.

Our standard line of below ground oil/water/separator tanks are fabricated in carbon steel and are available in both single and double wall tank construction.

Mercer offers a variety of industrial-grade, two-part epoxy coatings to meet your most stringent requirements. We also offer heavy-duty FRP exterior coatings, as well.

30-Year Corrosion Available:

Mercer outfits its units with leak detection systems and passive cathodic protection systems to protect the steel tanks in ground. Mercer builds its below-ground cylindrical separators to the UL-58 and the UL-1746 standards as applicable and also offers the sti-P3 and Act-100 corrosion protection packages as offered by the Steel Tank Institute. Mercer offers an optional 30-year limited warranty against corrosion.

Large Flow Separators:

Mercer offers innovative designs for large flow separators. With our creative designs Mercer has been able to supply more than twice the separating capacity than the traditional separator of the same size.

Mercer designs each Multi-Pack™ primary coalescer to be able to remove oil and solids very efficiently. With high-performance primary coalescers in every separator, Mercer's design does not depend on secondary mesh packs for attaining satisfactory effluent results. Secondary mesh packs are well known for their quick fouling characteristics due to solids because of how densely they are configured. They quickly foul with even light solids present--creating on-going maintenance and effluent problems.

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