describe the imageBelow Ground Oil Water Separators - Plastic

Our "Coalescing Ball" Technology Includes:

Mercer International, Inc. offers a line of competitively-priced below ground oil/water separators for flows up to 100 gpm. Tanks are constructed of corrosion-proof polyethylene and can be buried up to 30" below grade. The coalescer offering in this line of separators is our "coalescer ball" technology that attracts passing oil droplets to the high surface area created by a plurality of polypropylene balls in close proximity to each other which attract these oil droplets. The coalescer balls are harnessed in removable netted bags and are removed, cleaned for reuse. This separator is ideal for gas stations, vehicle repair applications and various wash racks. This solution has been embraced by several State DOTs as the most cost effective way to remove oil from maintenance and washbay wastewater.

This separator design is ideally suited for company-wide standardization. Large orders can be produced quickly. We have produced order with 50 or more of these units with short lead times.

Standard 25,50, 75, and 100 gpm models are available in stock and ready to ship.

Our plastic below-ground units start with a 500 gallon polyethylene rotationally molded tank. Since it is rotationally molded, the tank itself is a one-piece construction with no welds or seams to fail and leak. The separators have a 20" diameter manway for access of coalescing bags for routine maintenance. Manway extensions are available from 6" up to 30".

Optionally, this separator can be set above grade and receive flow from a sump pump or similar.

Depending on the wastewater application, the unit can be outfitted with more coalescer bags and may be rated up to 150 gpm.

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