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One major advantage of the removable-plate Multi-Pack design is the ease of cleaning. Although the separator can handle high solids loading, with time oil-laden solids and sludge deposits will accumulate in the coalescer. The entire coalescer can be easily removed by the operator, visually inspected, and completely cleaned in minutes. Once cleaned, the coalescer is slipped back into position and is immediately ready for operation. The easily removable design virtually eliminates the costs associated with “confined space entry” regulations.

The Multi-Pack™ has a distinct advantage over other coalescers because it is fully contained in one easy-to-remove rectangular structure. As flow rates increase, some oil water separators that require plastic packs or bundles can have 30 or more bundles of media to remove and replace. Often times these irregularly shaped bundles, riddled with solids and sludge, are hard to remove and present safety hazards during retrieval and replacement. With the Multi-Pack, maintenance personnel can simply connect the lifting gantry to self-leveling lifting bars on the coalescer and lift the entire singular bundle up for a cleaning.

The flat plate design with integral Chimney Zone™ channels allow the coalescer pack to be cleaned all the way through from one side to another, even on our largest coalescer packs. Conversely,some poorly designed plastic coalescers have rigid structures or bundled tubes that make cleaning more than a foot into the coalescer impossible. The coalescer looks clean from the outside, but the interior sections of the coalescer are still laden with sludge. Once put back in service the packs will foul again quickly.

The plastic packs tend to break down quickly due to the weight of the solids built up in the packs and the thin plastic coalescer plates. The cost to constantly replace coalescer packs over time adds up significantly over the life cycle of the equipment.

The Multi-Pack is the easiest coalescer to clean, and typically calls for less half the required maintenance cleanings as the other designs. This ease of cleaning and the drastic reduction in maintenance frequency is how Mercer is able to have a significantly lower cost of ownership than other designs. 

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