describe the image Sturdy Tank Design and Paint Coating Systems

No other design offers these significant features.

Mercer supplies a sturdy tank shell to house the internal components. Our separators built in the mid-range size (400-600 gpm) have exterior shell walls from 5/16” to 3/8”, with 3/4” base plates and substantial structural reinforcing. We utilize schedule 80 carbon steel or stainless steel sludge fittings or stainless, where blasting and painting is the most difficult and the effects of corrosion will be the most prominent.

Mercer specifies Carboline paint systems on all our carbon steel fabrications. A typical paint specification is as follows:

Interior paint: Carboline Phenoline #1205 or Carboline #300M two part coal tar epoxy over SP-10 sandblast. Exterior paint: Carboline Carbothane 133HB over Carboguard 888 primer over SP-6 sand blast with a hi- solids polyurethane finish coat .

We use other paint systems (to incorporate a client’s standard), and often utilize a company’s standard. We pick other coating systems to meet a particular application.

Mercer takes extra effort in inspecting the sandblasting job, especially the interior areas. Mercer closely monitors the interior blast, keeping in mind that the paint system may only as good as the sand blast beneath it.

All interior coatings at Mercer undergo complete holiday testing. As well as our standard DFT testing protocols, each separator unit must pass a rigorous 100% wet sponge test.

Other Designs: Proper paint coating is expensive and time consuming. This is an area that buyer’s need to pay special attention and which short cuts may be taken.

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