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Short plate widths are only effective if the solids (and oils) can be “processed” away from the coalescer, otherwise they will simply build up within the coalescer causing plugging from the inside out. The Multi-Pack has built-in Chimney-Zone™ quiescent chambers for both oils and solids. As solids fall off the top of the 24” wide impingement plates (or as oil droplets coalesce and rise up from the bottom of the coalescer plates) they enter a “zero velocity” baffled Chimney- Zone. Here large quiescent chambers allow quick and efficient settling of solids or rising of oil. The Chimney-Zones are a full 4” in width and run the entire flow length of the coalescer pack. Solids fall unhindered by turbulence, and oil droplets rise without the risk of re-emulsifying due to collisions with interfering solids.

This unique feature enables the Multi-Pack to handle flows with extremely high solids loading, while maintaining excellent oil removal efficiency. These dedicated, zero-velocity zones are critical in enabling the coalescer to process oils and solids out of the coalescer, and thereby extending time between maintenance ). Remember, if solids (and oils) are not processed out of the coalescer, the coalescer is nothing more than a “hybrid filter”—and therefore will be in need of constant attention.

Other Designs: No other separator offers direct overhead access to solids below the coalescer.

chimney Zone

A further advantage of the full 4” Chimney-Zone is that a 3” vacuum line can be lowered between the plates through the Chimney Zone to access the solids underneath the coalescer--without the need to remove the coalescer. This is of particular interest if the separator is a cylindrical, direct-buried unit where there are no solids removal fittings. In this case solids can be removed without draining down the entire tank or removing the coalescer. 

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