The coalescing oil water separator market is littered with cheap underperforming options that cause nightmares for EHS and maintenance departments.  This video reviews the different styles of coalescers available today, and walks through what the insides will look like once your OWS is in operation.

Technologies Reviewed:

  • API Separators
  • Plate Packs in API Separators
  • Corrugated Plate Packs (CPI)
  • Irregularly Shaped Plastic Coalescers (Honey Comb/Egg Carton)
  • Vertical Tube Coalescers (VTC)
  • Mesh Packs (Secondary Coalescers or "Polishing Packs)

The Mercer Design Advantage:

  • The Most Important Formula in the Oil/Water Separation Equation
  • The Importance of Flow Distribution
  • The Use of a Time Honored Flat Plate Design
  • Herring Bone Design With Short Plate Widths
  • Cross Flow Processing
  • Zero Turbulence Chimney Zones™
  • Ease of Cleaning Mercer’s Multi-Pack™
  • Field Adjustable Plate Gaps