describe the imageRetrofitting Existing Oil Water Separators

Mercer takes pride in retrofitting existing oil/water separators that are not functioning well, whether due to poor effluent performance or constant fouling problems tied to solids build up.

We can retrofit almost any rectangular OWS or CPI unit whether it is above grade or flush buried. Once the retrofit is in place Mercer typically increases efficiency and flow capacity by more than 20% and we typically can extend coalescer maintenance intervals by 2-3 times

The process starts by gathering  information about the existing separator, the design flow capacity, the actual flow that the existing separator is processing, and updated information about the wastewater.

We typically make a field visit to inspect the system and record information including dimensions and the wastewater flow. Inspections are made to determine the condition of the separator tank. It is determined if the tank is worth retrofitting. If it is, we send the information to our design department and create a customized retrofit design. We then determine what maximum flow rate for which the specific application can be rated.  Mercer will develop a firm quotation based on the materials of construction required for the wastewater. In addition, we include various options and accessories for your review that we feel will further enhance the separation efficiency which will lead to improved on-going operation and maintenance of the system. 

Once the equipment is delivered, we can supervise the installation and start up, as desired. Mercer has also retrofitted separators on a "turnkey" basis we have performed the tank cleaning, the retrofit installation and the system start-up.

We've successfully retrofitted existing separators and concrete tanks for a broad spectrum of industry. Send us your existing separator general arrangement drawings and information on your wastewater application and we will provide a preliminary design for your review and discussion.

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