describe the image Above Ground Oil Water Separators Over 1,000 gpm

Most separators designed for high efficiency require very frequent maintenance to obtain excellent effluent results. Conversely, separators designed for low maintenance greatly sacrifice performance, leaving you with ordinary and compromised results. Mercer International has perfected the design required to consistently supply high efficiency and low maintenance--plus the ability to customize performance in the field. This extraordinary design, rooted in creating a better way to process solids, makes Mercer International the best "life cycle" value available. 

Multi-Pack Fact: 

Herring-Bone Design - This a critical design feature as separator units become large--even in our largest units, no coalescer plate is ever wider than 2 feet (entry view). By utilizing a short plate width the coalescer can have tighter plate gap settings (thereby supplying a more balanced height to length ratio) which offers higher efficiencies and less plugging. That means we can increase efficiency by tightening up the gaps to achieve better effluent performance--the reasonable height to length ratio of the plates help assure lower maintenance. In larger units many of our competitors coalescer plate lengths can end up being 8' long (while ours are 2'). Imagine solids having to travel that distance before being able to be processed out of the coalescer. The bigger the unit, the more our features multiply their usefulness.

By alternating the plate directions in the herring-bone pattern, and never allowing a single solids particle to travel more than 24 inches, we create Chimney Zones™(dedicated solids settling and oil rising areas). 

Further, the coalescer plates are adjustable to any 5/16" right angle gap. More solids loading, simply pull every other plate out. With all the coalescer plates in place, we are able to double the available square footage and the efficiency when compared to the typical competitor's standard equipment. If your wastewater changes or your flow rate increases, you can adjust the equipment "on the fly". If you find that you have solids fouling in only one area the coalescer, you can make adjustment in that one area, ensuring the highest possible efficiency. Or you could pull more plates to ensure that you could set-it-and-forget-it and not worry about maintenance for years. Our design is versatile enough to be able to stagger the plate length (flow direction) and use the front end of the coalescer as a primary settle and utilize the down-flow section of the coalescer for high efficiency oil removal.

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