describe the imageAbove Ground Oil Water Separators 10 gpm - 30 gpm

Our "low flow" separator series offers an industrial-duty design in a compact size. The "low flow" series incorporates the same features found in our standard separator designs that have helped Mercer build its sterling reputation, yet in a compact package. 

Problems We've Solved:

The vehicle wash application is the most popular application that we encounter for this small flow rate. Many smaller regional companies with vehicle wash applications have turned to our higher quality oil water separators to treat their wastewater as a "stand alone" treatment or as a primary treatment as the front end of a more elaborate system. Small automotive repair shops and oil change specialists are frequent repeat customers because of the ease of maintenance that our design provides. Auto dealerships and auto body shops are also traditional Mercer customers. Departments of Transportation, Highway Authorities and Mass Transit entities dealing with fleet maintenance round out the diverse group of transportation customers we have serviced over the years.

The Electric Utility companies pumping stormwater out of transformer pits, or dealing with the problem areas associated with smaller "industrial areas" of their property, also trust Mercer when it comes to these low-flow treatment needs. Mercer also provides small units to handle single sump flows where it is not feasible to pump the single flow to their main treatment system due to distance and infrastructure issues.

Other Unique Applications We've Tackled:

  • Scrap Yards
  • Jet engine test facilities
  • Small chemical processing (rubber and nylon)
  • Fertilizer manufacturing
  • Boiler treatment
  • Bilge water treatment for ships and submarines
  • Hydraulic fluid leakage from industrial equipment
  • Food and beverage processing applications for removal of animal grease, fats and vegetable oil

Multi-Pack Fact:

The Compliance Master™ separator offers the end user high performance, low maintenance, and overall cost savings -- plus the versatility to field customize the coalescer to meet the requirements of your particular application.

The heart of the Compliance Master separator is the Multi-Pack™ cross-flow flat parallel-plate coalescer, featuring removable and adjustable plates. Our unique design allows each separator to be fine-tuned in the field to maximize the performance and minimize the maintenance for any application. One coalescer design is versatile enough to be chosen to meet every application in given plant or refinery.

The Multi-Pack utilizes time-honored flat parallel plates set at a steep 55 degree angle. The smooth flat plates and cross-flow design help make this the most non-plugging design industry has to offer. Plate gaps can be tighter with less plugging than traditional parallel corrugated plate designs. 

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