describe the image Above Ground Oil Water Separators 400 gpm - 600 gpm

Problems We've Solved:

This family of Mercer separators is where the Oil/Gas and Electric Utility industries have "fallen in love" with the Mercer design and the superior Multi-Pack coalescer system which is at the heart of its success. Here is a sampling of Oil/Gas and Electric Utility companies who have turned to Mercer to get it right:

Partial Oil/Gas Clients:

• Chevron
• ExxonMobil
• Schlumberger
• Baker Hughes
• EOG Rescources
• Eco Petrol
• Sunoco
• Getty
• Encana
• Gibson Energy
• GE Water
• Aker Solutions
• Fluor
• CB&I
• Caracal Energy
• Hillcorp Energy

Partial Electic Utilities Clients:

• Con Edison
• Florida Power
• Orlando Utility Commission
• Allegheny Energy
• Connectiv
• Calpine Corporation
• Commonwealth Utilities
• Duke Energy
• Reliant Energy
• NRG Energy
• KeySpan Energy
• New York Power Authority
• Bahamas Electricity 
• Nigeria Integrated 
• PP&L

Large project consultants like Siemens, Westinghouse, URS, AMEC-FW, Bechtel, Arcadis, B&W, TIC, Stone & Webster, GE, Kuljian Corp, Sargent & Lundy, Hyundai Engineering, AECOM, as well as numerous environmental consultants specializing in wastewater, have specified Mercer’s design features that lead to consistent effluent compliance and reduced costs over the life-cycle of the unit.

DuPont, American Refining Co., Dow chemical, Pratt & Whitney, Continental Airlines, UPS, Arco, Reichhold Chemicals, Laidlaw Transit, Harley Davidson, Goodrich, Canadian Pacific, Norfolk Southern, Alcoa Aluminum, Terra Nitrogen, Waste Management and Coca-Cola are some of the companies who have asked us to provide our oil/water/solids separator solutions to solve their problems. Often times Mercer’s units have replaced other systems or units that were installed but were not functioning well.

Multi-Pack Fact:

Removable-Plate Feature - Each plate within the coalescer is completely removable from the coalescer frame and the plate spacing is therefore able to be adjusted to multiple plate gap settings. This patented feature lets the operator field adjust the coalescer to obtain optimal results.  If greater oil removal is required, plates can be added for increased efficiency. If solids loading increases, plates can be removed to reduce fouling potential.

With the Multi-Pack coalescer, the end user is able to meet or exceed discharge regulations now, and also in the future. As discharge limitations become more stringent, the standard plate spacing of the Multi-Pack coalescer can be decreased by adding more plates without any field modifications. This allows small micron droplets of oil to be removed, thereby, increasing oil removal capability. By adding plates, instead of entire units, the end user's future capital costs are drastically reduced.

The Multi-Pack design allows flexibility that is impossible to obtain with other coalescer designs. For example, the plate gaps within the coalescer can be varied in order to fine-tune the separator to maximize efficiency. That is, it is possible to keep tighter plate gaps toward to top of the coalescer pack, where there are typically fewer solids present, and large plate gaps toward the bottom where solids concentrations are frequently higher.

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