describe the imageAbove Ground Oil Water Separators 50 gpm - 100 gpm

Problems We've Solved:

This flow rate grouping is where we see the popularity of the Compliance Master™ oil water separators grow on the industrial wastewater front. Over the last three decades our separators have been shipped to hundreds of chemical, oil/gas, and utility companies. The “muckier” the application, the easier it is to compare and contrast the  life-cycle costs when purchasing Mercer’s separator equipment.


Other Unique Applications We've Tackled:

  • Frac/Flowback/Produced Water piloting
  • Food Processing (Bagel and Potato Chip)
  • Large Flow Chemical Manufacturing
  • Garbage collection (transfer station run-off)
  • Junkyards
  • Airline wash down facilities
  • Tank farm cleaning and spill collection
  • Consultants incorporating units into larger systems
  • Sugar processing
  • Basement sumps (pump and treat)
  • Truck washing facilities
  • Fragrance and flavoring production


Multi-Pack Fact:

9 out of 10 industrial wastewater treatment applications have solid associated with them.  

                              Oil + Solids + Time  = Sludge

This is a reminder that when oil and solids come into close proximity over time, the result is always the formation of sludge.  Sludge is the number one "killer" of a coalescers performance.  When the flow rates are evaluated, the math completed, and a unit size agreed upon, then the real test begins.  Oil/water separators are generally not installed in applications with clean water and clean oil. The way the Multi-Pack™ coalescer has been designed to process out solids is why it is the superior choice for any application where solids are present.

Processing solids is not anything like filtering out solids. With dedicated Chimney Zones where oil is allowed to rise separately from where solids are allowed to settle, the accumulation of sludge is drastically diminished.  Not only is this a major difference when compared to other coalescers, but the Chimney Zones™ are also closed off from the process flow to allow the settling/rising to occur at their own rate

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